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JCDN 2016

We’re proud main sponsor of the JEE-O City Downhill Nijmegen, held for the second time this year and it was, as promised a great event at Waalkade Nijmegen.

More than 100 contestants, a lot of handmade and natural obstacles and a big crowd that enjoyed a day of fast riders, high jumps and even a BMX demo made this edition at Sunday 30-10-’16 a blast!

Missed it … no problem, see you next year in Nijmegen for the 2017 edition!!
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Scroll down to see the pictures of this year’s edition.

Last years (2015 edition) pictures can be seen here.

Event: JEE-O City Downhill Nijmegen 2016
Date: 30-10-2016
Location: Valkhof, Lindenberg and Waalkade – Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Facebook: City Downhill Nijmegen

Photography by Kusters Fotografie

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