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JEE-O – shower and faucet collection

Free-standing stainless steel design shower and bath line. Applicable inside the bathroom and outside in the garden by the pool or sauna. Striking in simplicity and minimalistic design. All JEE-O showers are equipped with a contemporary styled mixer. The characteristic ring or button regulates the shower gradually from closed to open, from cold to hot*.

For a complete overview of the JEE-O collection see the JEE-O brochure.

* Excepted models JEE-O original push and JEE-O fatline push which have an eco friendly button for use with a predetermined temperature.

JEE-O 365 all weather frost free

The JEE-O 365 all weather frost free option is applicable to the JEE-O outdoor collection consisting of the JEE-O original, the robust JEE-O fatline rain shower (01, 04 and push implementation) and the JEE-O soho 01, so it is possible to take a refreshing shower in wintertime and gives you even more time to enjoy life …


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