AMA Hotels & Health resorts

In Andalucia, one of the most beautiful and historic regions of Spain, a brand new hotel, spa and health retreat concept has arrived to give a whole new dimension to your stay. At the luxury hotel AMA Andalucia you can enjoy a wide range of health and spa facilities, tailor made services and sportive activities in a uniquely decorated hotel room or apartment, that makes you feel like you are in your very own residence.

Enjoy a truly restful sleep in one of the 42 spacious and full equipped rooms and enjoy the relaxing mattresses made of natural materials and varieties of pillow to suit all body types. Soft linens for you to relax into while enjoying a treatment and functional furnishings in white atmosphere tones give the definition of unforgettable experience.

Designer: Egoista
Date: 2014
Location: Spain – Huelva

Products featured:
JEE-O maya bath,
JEE-O annelli basin,
JEE-O original shower 01, shower 02 and bath
JEE-O pure basin wall

Photography and video by Publivision