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DADOquartz warranty

  • DADOquartz is solid and void-free with no fissures or veins, manufactured from resin and quartz aggregates.
  • DADOquartz’s special high heat retention properties give hours of bathing pleasure. It has a silky finish, is resistant to scratching and abrasion to complement the modern bathroom environment.
  • DADOquartz is a full-bodied product: a solid casting made from a mixture of resin and quartz.
  • DADOquartz stone is a non-porous material, stain and scratch resistant.
  • DADOquartz is highly resistant to scratching and abrasion
  • DADOquartz’s void-free structure is free of hairline cracks and has minimal water-absorption. It is also resistant to micro-organism and bacterial growth.
  • DADOquartz has high heat retention properties and is warm to the touch, which adds to the eco-friendly nature of the product.
  • DADOquartz are manufactured with a 25 year warranty

DADOquartz warranty


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