How should marks and limescale can be removed?

August 18, 2015

You can treat marks and limescale more intensively as follows.

  • – Always try to remove the dirt with lukewarm water and a soft cloth first, with a soft soap or alcohol solution if required.
  • – For non-coated JEE-O products (brushed or raw), persistent dirt can be treated with a sponge and stainless-steel cleaner. Do not spray the concentrate directly onto the JEE-O product. Spray it onto a cloth and then use that to wipe. Avoid scratching the product with your sponge. Rubbing motions should follow the polishing direction of the material.
  • – The showerhead can be removed with the tool supplied with your product. Remove the shower-head and place it in limescale resolving liquid such as natural vinegar or a diluted citric acid solution.
  • – Always rinse generously with water after using any cleaning substance. Dry the product with a soft cloth afterwards and before treating the product with JEE-O Protect.
  • – Treating your product with JEE-O Protect helps to prevent the build-up of dirt and scale. Spray JEE-O Protect on a soft cloth and polish the cleaned surface with this.
  • – JEE-O Protect is available through your JEE-O dealer