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JEE-O flow series

JEE-O worked in close collaboration with Italian top designer Brian Sironi to develop a new collection: the flow series. This new series had its premiere at the Frankfurt ISH 2017, the world’s most important sanitary facilities trade fair.

What is the shape of water?

Water takes on the shape of the object that contains it. That concept has been the starting point in designing the flow series. Up until the moment water flows from the faucet and is free to take on any shape, it has the shape of the pipes through which it flows. We rarely see the pipes; they are hidden away behind walls and under floors. These taps and mixers from the flow series reveal the piping, extending it into the bathroom.

Feminine lines

“Taps and mixers always consist of three parts: handle, spigot and that section that connects the two. That makes traditional mixers fairly masculine”, Brian explains. It was his intention to design a feminine mixer, which meant that the spigot had to go. All the non-essentials have been eliminated, resulting in flowing, smooth curved lines, from which water flows in a surprising way.

A new icon is born

After that email containing Brian’s initial sketches, JEE-O’s designer and owner Lammert Moerman flew straight to Milan to meet him. There was an immediate click with JEE-O. Brian’s sketches were minimalistic, functional and iconic, exactly the style Lammert pursues in his designs for JEE-O. Brian has called the flow series his best project so far, encompassing all of his opinions on design: pure and integrated shapes, minimalistic yet functional.

During the development of the mixers for the flow series, the need arose for a complete series that included a bath and basins. Amsterdam-based design duo Grand & Johnson embraced the challenge to design the baths for the flow series.

These wonderful new JEE-O flow series will be available later this year.


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