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Brian Sironi: designer of the flow series

May 29, 2017

JEE-O launched a new bathroom series, designed by Italian designer Brian Sironi. “I thought about how we transport water through our houses and into our lives. What’s the shape of water? To me, the tube is the shape of water. But we never see the tube, only a faucet and they all look the same,” according to Brian.

What is the shape of water?

Water takes on the shape of the object that contains it. That concept has been the starting point in designing the flow series. Up until the moment water flows from the faucet and is free to take on any shape, it has the shape of the pipes through which it flows. We rarely see the pipes; they are hidden away behind walls and under floors. These taps and mixers from the flow series reveal the piping, extending it into the bathroom.

JEE-O flow series faucet

Designing the flow series

For his designs, Brain seeks to integrate at least two things. His award winning lamp design doesn’t have a switch, the arms are the switch. For the flow series he looked at faucets and all he saw were three shapes: the body, spout and the handle.

“Modern, traditional, minimal, faucets are always the same. The designs are also very masculine. I wanted a more female mixer, so the spout had to go. The result is a unique design, a tube that doesn’t look like it’s designed.”  

Designing with Lammert

“I send an e-mail to JEE-O and one day later I got a call from Lammert. That surprised me, normally everybody just sends e-mails. He was so enthusiastic about my design, that he wanted to see me. So one week later, he came to Milan to talk. He flew to Milan, just for a 5 hour talk! So that was an amazing start of our relationship and the flow series.”

Good design

Brian calls the flow series his best project. “The series combine all my ideas about good design: pure shapes, clean shapes and integration of different parts, without compromising on function. I hate the word minimal, but that’s what it is!”  

Brian Sironi

Brian Sironi lives in Italy, between Brianza and Milan. He combines industrial design with an artisanal approach. In his projects, he has a clear focus on pure shapes and an in-depth perspective on exploring typologies and archetypes. In 2010, Brian was selected to exhibit as part of the The New Italian Design Reloaded show in the Triennale di Milano Museum. He is one of the youngest designers ever to have received the prestigious Compasso d’Oro ADI award for the Elica lamp, produced by Martinelli Luce in 2011. In addition to JEE-O, Brian also collaborates with Antonio Lupi, Bitossi Ceramiche, Budri and Albed.