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JEE-O City Downhill Nijmegen 2015

October 5, 2015

Lammert Moerman and bikes are as one … the same goes for JEE-O being main sponsor for the City Downhill Nijmegen, a unique event in The Netherlands, organized by Licht Verzet.

The first JEE-O City Downhill Nijmegen took place at the 27th of September and was a  huge success … more than 100 contestants, a lot of handmade and natural obstacles, a drive through the Lindenberg theater café and a jump down the Veerpoorttrap towards the finish at the Waalkade.

Missed it?! … no problem and see you next year … follow us on Facebook!

Event: JEE-O City Downhill Nijmegen
Date: 27-9-2015
Location: Valkhof, Lindenberg and Waalkade – Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Facebook: City Downhill Nijmegen