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New! The JEE-O cone series by Osiris Hertman

March 5, 2019

JEE-O cone series by Osiris Hertman: ‘the perfect balance between playful and bold’

For its latest collection, JEE-O worked with Dutch designer Osiris Hertman. The result of this cooperation is the cone series, a unique bathroom concept that brought two designers together.

Both Lammert Moerman, creative mastermind behind JEE-O, and designer Osiris Hertman are energetic people with distinct ideas about design. Put the two together and you get something very special. They have really enjoyed working together on this collection and the two men are happy to explain how the cone series came about.

A passion for craftsmanship

‘I search across the world for new materials and artisans to work with. Although I work for many Dutch people, I like to broaden my horizons by looking for international opportunities, such as partners that I can work with. This involves Dutch companies with an international outlook. That quickly brings you to JEE-O,’ says Osiris Hertman.

Lammert Moerman: ‘Osiris is someone with a tremendous amount of energy. Someone with determination, a unique innovative way and a style that is slightly rough around the edges. This makes him really cool to work with. I share his passion for craftsmanship. Where many manufacturers in the sanitary ware business make continuous adaptations to a basic design, JEE-O always takes a new approach. We then add functionality to the design and that’s how we create a product. We implement a design down to the last detail.’

The baker you would cycle that extra mile for

Osiris: ‘That sounds familiar. Sanitary ware is a boring world, everything looks the same! But look at the many different products of JEE-O. You won’t find them anywhere else! That’s why I wanted to take my time and create the ultimate collection. I want to make an impression and be that baker whose croissants are so delicious that you would cycle to the other side of town to buy them. We managed to achieve that with this collection, even if I do say so myself.’


The cone series was inspired by safe doors. There are two reasons for that:

  1. Water is a precious commodity. It is something that must not be wasted, but nevertheless enjoyed when you use it.
  2. There is a shift in trend that is similar to combining the kitchen with the living room to create a sociable kitchen-living combo. The bathroom is becoming more and more a place that offers a new experience. A place that includes a sitting area, plants and music. And, provided there is enough space, a sauna, fireplace and a nice view. They are now spaces to be enjoyed and to recharge so we can deal with a world that is much busier and more demanding than ever before. It is a place of great value, hence the safe doors.


The cone series is the perfect balance between playful and bold. The design looks simple. Osiris: ‘That is the intention. A child could have drawn it and this is how I make everything. But if you look closer, you will see the details. Or perhaps not. For example, there are no screws to be seen. The conical design is reflected in all the details. That is where the craftsmanship lies.’

What’s next JEE-O?

This is the fourth collection with a different designer within a short period. Can we expect more? Lammert: ‘We continue to innovate by expanding our existing collections. JEE-O continues to be a platform for designers, that is something I firmly believe in. That is what makes us stand out as a brand. It would be amazing if we could work together with a fashion or retail brand. Our door is always open to those types of brands!’

JEE-O presents the cone series by Osiris Hertman

Our cone series consists of freestanding showers, a freestanding bath mixer, wall and ceiling showers, wall and top mounted basin mixers, a bath and basins. The collection is made from stainless steel with a structured black finish. The baths and basins are made from DADOquartz.

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