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Lammert Moerman & Brian Sironi: “a perfect match”

August 28, 2017

JEE-O is being sold in over 45 countries and has quite some experience in partnering with other Dutch designers. Now we are proud to present the fruit of the international collaboration between Dutch designer Lammert Moerman and the Italian designer Brian Sironi.

Holland and Italy working together

Lammert on the latest international collaboration: “Working with Brain was great. He emailed me with the initial designs and the concept. I got so excited that I called him right away and a week later we met in Milan. We immediately hit it off and he showed me around in Milan.”

JEE-O flow series brain sironi
Brian Sironi has, despite his young age, earned his stripes in design. He has won several awards and worked with the likes of Antonio Luppi, Martinelli Luce and Bitossi Ceramiche. When asked what kind of designer Brian is, Lammert answers: “He’s very proud Italian, with very minimalistic yet functional designs. It was a perfect match with me and JEE-O. My designs follow a similar philosophy and we care about the inner workings of our products.

What is the shape of water?

For the flow series, Brian asked himself: “what is the shape of water?” Water forms to the shape of the object that contains it. Up until the moment water flows from the faucet, and is free to take on any shape, it has the shape of the pipes through which it flows. We rarely see the pipes; they are hidden away behind walls and under floors. These taps and mixers from the flow series reveal the piping, extending it into the bathroom.

3 designers, 1 series

What makes the flow series extra special, is that Grand & Johnson designed the bath and basins for the series. Lammert: “It’s remarkable how they took Brian’s concept and used it to create the bath and basins that match so well with the rest of the series. This is our latest addition in our line of icons and I’m very proud I was able to work with such great people!”