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Lammert Moerman telling about his latest pride

April 12, 2018

The international design fair Salone del Mobile in Milan is just around the corner. JEE-O will make its appearance with the stylish bloom series, designed with Dutch top designer Edward van Vliet. Lammert Moerman, creative mastermind and owner of JEE-O, tells about his successes and his latest pride.

JEE-O brings beautiful design and functional luxury together in bathroom concepts – or in other words, unique bathrooms. “The bathroom is the first room that you visit when you get up in the morning and the last room that you see before you go to bed. I believe it is important that people are happy with what they see when they look around the bathroom. Our bathroom concepts are all very distinctive.”

JEE-O bloom series

Lammert’s latest pride is the bloom series by Edward van Vliet. Like all Edward van Vliet’s designs, the bloom collection was inspired by nature and geometry. This is reflected in the smooth transition from facet to round shapes in the design of the showers and washbasins, and in the hexagonal-shaped tap heads. A sunflower served as inspiration for the collection.

JEE-O’s style versus Edward van Vliet

During the design process, Lammert and Edward met each other halfway. Moerman: “JEE-O’s style is quite industrial, but very energetic and innovating. Edward’s style is more playful. We managed to draw him more towards our style. The result is very different to what I have done so far. The other collections have a very industrial and robust character. The design of the bloom series is a little more refined and thus less inhibited.”

New energy

This means a step in a new direction for JEE-O. “I think the collection is a great success. Inspirational designs such as those of Edward’s strengthen the JEE-O brand and provide new energy. Moreover, our concept of unique bathrooms continues to hold true. I therefore cordially invite everyone to come and admire the bloom series in Milan.”

Complete series

For the coming years, the focus of JEE-O lies on completing all the existing series. Last year, JEE-O presented the iconic flow series at the ISH in Frankfurt, the world’s most important sanitary fair. The series was designed by the Italian industrial designer Brian Sironi. The Amsterdam design studio Grand & Johnson made the series complete with a bath and washbasins.

soho RAW

The soho series – the result of a cooperation with Grand & Johnson – was expanded in 2017 with accessories, a bidet tap, a bath and three washbasins. Another new and beautiful soho series is RAW; the soho collection in its rawest and purest form. Besides the RAW look, which can best be described as brushed, the products in the soho line are now also available in powder coated green and grey for an industrial look and feel.

Osiris Hertman

In the meantime, Lammert is already busy with his next project: a collection of free-standing showers and bath taps, developed by Dutch top designer Osiris Hertman. The first study models can be seen during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The complete collection will have its public premiere at the ISH in Frankfurt.

Strong partner

Through partnerships with Grand & Johnson, Brian Sironi, Edward van Vliet and Osiris Hertman, JEE-O is becoming more and more a platform for designers. According to Lammert, JEE-O is a strong partner for creative people. Lammert: “I increasingly see myself as a concept designer who brings people together. Designers who come to us find themselves in a well-oiled machine for both the inside and the outside of design. On the other hand, its cooperation with designers makes JEE-O stronger as a brand. They bring new energy with them and a bit of storytelling for us as a brand. It remains important, however, that the designs are in alignment with the JEE-O concept. Our style is minimalistic and innovative with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and striking but with a refined touch.”

Top position in the global market

In addition to offering a platform to designers, JEE-O has big growth ambitions. “We have taken up a nice position in the Netherlands. JEE-O is available in the more exclusive sanitaryware shops. In addition, we are working more and more with architects and project developers, for example in boutique hotels. JEE-O fits excellently into that niche market. Globally, we aspire to a top position as an affordable and innovative design brand. And we are already well on the way. At the beginning of April, an export assistant will strengthen our team to optimise our international contacts.”

Is the sky the limit?

“We are only at the beginning of many beautiful things that are yet to come. JEE-O is like a rough diamond. There are still enough sides to be cut and polished. But for now I am really happy with what we have already achieved and we are now focusing on Milan where we will display the fantastic bloom series.”