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These are the 10 bathroom trends for 2020

December 4, 2019

The end of the year is in sight, the colours of autumn adorn our streets and the temperature is falling. The ideal moment to style your interior. Not forgetting the bathroom, of course. We therefore want to share the 10 bathroom trends for 2020 with you.

1. Wood combined with concrete

Do you like an industrial yet warm feel? If so, combine the natural feel of wood with the industrial concrete look. The concrete basins will be particularly in vogue in 2020.

2. Eye-catching taps

Make a statement with an eye-catching faucet. A faucet with a gorgeous design or prominent colour (like bronze or gold) or an unusual material completes your bathroom. 

JEE-O flow series

3. Marble look in the bathroom

A marble look is a bathroom trend we already saw in 2019. And marble will steal the show next year too. This classic and timeless trend combines beautifully with bronze or (mat) black elements.

JEE-O slimline series

4. A mirror with a modern design

Play with shapes and choose a round, oval or square mirror. A mirror also creates the optical illusion of spaciousness.

5. Unusual tiles for a fun feature

Tiles provide a fun feature in your bathroom. Choose hexagon, round, geometric or Mediterranean tiles. These add a special finishing touch to a minimalist bathroom. Tiles can be used on the wall and on the floor.

JEE-O flow series

6. Natural tints in the bathroom

Bring nature indoors. Natural colours and materials create a sense of calm. Read here which plants are suitable for the bathroom.


7. Open bathroom

Incorporate your bathroom into your bedroom. By combining these two rooms into one, you create more space and a luxurious feel. 

8. Add colours and prints to your bathroom

This year we saw lots of clashing colours and prominent prints in bathroom designs. This trend continues in 2020. You can choose a bold printed tile or a more subtle look by adding colourful accessories. 

JEE-O soho series

9. Create your own spa

In 2020, bathrooms are where you can enjoy a moment for yourself at home. A moment of relaxation. A luxurious bath, shower and sauna provide the ultimate spa feeling. Choose dimmed lights and light some candles.

10. Incorporate gold, bronze or champagne in your bathroom

In 2020, don’t choose a standard stainless steel faucet. Go for bronze, gold or champagne. This creates a luxurious feel.

JEE-O slimline series (bronze)